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Healthcare resources for Nutrition, weight loss, Diabetes, Asthma, Cancer,  natural treatment etc.

    Nutrition: Facts and resources  
Good nutrition plays an important role to reduce our risk of getting a large number of diseases. Food works as fuel required for our growth and daily activities. Nutrition is concerned with the study of food and how the body uses this food.

The nutrients can be divided into seven major groups like; carbohydrates (saccharides), fats (triglycerides), fiber (cellulose), minerals, proteins, vitamins, and water.


The nutrients can further be categorized as

(i) macronutrients (needed in relatively large amounts),

(ii) micronutrients (needed in smaller quantities).

The macronutrients include carbohydrates, fats, fiber, proteins and water whereas the micronutrients include minerals and vitamins

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