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The following link will lead you to the sites providing information about health and fitness resources and products.

Weight Loss

Fat Loss

Fat Loss Secrets

Burn the Fat

Furnace of Fat

Fat Loss Program

Diet solution

Body Bot fitness software

Fat Free Lifestyle

Speedy Fat Loss Program

Young at 40 plus

Medical Webs

Obesity Control

Know how to control your weight

Nutrition Facts

Diet & Nutrition Info

Cancer Symptoms

Cancer research & Studies

Health & Fitness

Balanced diet, Weight control

Natural Skin Care

Get everything about skin care,

Healthcare Jobs

Jobs for doctors, nurses, paramedics

Immigration Visa

Australia, US, Canada, UK immigration services

University Guide

Worldwide College & Univ. information,

Science Links

Physical and Chemical Sciences,

       Top Links

WebMD provides valuable health information, tools for managing your health,

MedicineNet- Health and Medical information produced by doctors

Netdoctor UK's leading independent health website

Healthwise Solutions for better health decisions

Health and Medical Information produced by doctors Doctor-produced health and medical information written for you to make informed decisions about your health concerns

HealthWorld Online Home of self manage care, alternative therapies etc.

eMedicineHealth is a first aid and consumer health information site written by physicians for patients and consumers.


Brady and Associates - (hospital productivity improvement services)

CenterWatch - (international listing of clinical trials)

C. Everett Koop Institute at Dartmouth - (founded by the former US Surgeon General, dedicated to the improvement of medical education and health care)

The Cutting Edge (Medical Equipment sold, serviced and purchased)

Fogarty and Associates (physician referral service)

Healthcare Information Systems Directory - (index of software of use to hospitals, clinics, HMO's, PPO's, and other health care providers)

The Health Policy Page (a virtual magazine of the Electronic Policy Network [EPN].) - (career opportunities, CEUs, schools, licensure, and association information)

HealthTouch - (drug and health information, based on a kiosk system located in pharmacies around the USA)

Hospital Security Officers Homepage - (nice personal homepage run by a hospital security officer for other officers in the field)

Jackson & Associates (hospital management consulting firm)

MedAccess Hospital Locator - (look up detailed info on hospitals in the USA)

MedConnect (educational services for emergency physicians, pediatricians, internal medicine and family physicians)

Medical EquipNet (worldwide sources of used, refurbished, reprocessed, or excess inventory of medical equipment)

MEDLINKS - (network and consulting services for healthcare)

Medscape - (medical news, reviewed articles, for health professionals and interested consumers)

MedSearch America - (online medical job search)

Med X Change (medical equipment, buy/sell)

MSI Software - Physician Scheduling

National Patient Air Transport Hotline - NPATH - (FREE referral information on the full spectrum of long-distance air medical transport options)

PEMED - Online Catalog of Used Medical Equipment (this catalog is HUGE and has great PHOTOS for most items!) - (free software for posting jobs and other informatoin online without the help of a webmaster)

RAmEx, Inc. - (international distributor of medical multimedia [CDs, videos, diskettes, audio tapes, electronic books] for medical professionals)

RxList - The Internet Drug-Name-Category Cross Index Tech Net Medical staffing specialist


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